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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  January 30, 2018 6:00am-6:54am EST

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iller on the loose we're live in northeast philadelphia where police are >> we will continue to prove it eagles are still clearly embracing their underdog image th minneapolis. highlighting awe of the funt. >> tuesday is tied, january 30 i'm jim meisha is at the home of the super bowl experience in minnesota. meisha? >> hey guys, good morning we are one day closer, one day closer to the big game on sunday. everyone is getting real excited. you can't tell because it is quiet here.ntion center where i am right now still closed to the public, but little bit later this place is just be so busy, and all every these interactive stations cents set up, you guys are so cool. so this is actually where people can come and tackle, take on all of the their aggression on the feel, but not just it. they have merchandise you can buy, they have little restaurant if you will, to sit and grab a beer or grab some good food, whatever it is. but we're
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so this is a controlled environment. the cool thing about minnesota , i don't know if many people know this, we have these sky ways that wrap around minneapolis. and listen to this they connect over 80 buildings over 11 miles of temperature controlled space so the dead of winter people don't actually have to walk outside. more or that coming up. >> it is a good thing that you've got that happening there, meisha, because itlooks freezing on the day of the super bowl. we'll have a lot more on that later on in a larger weather hit. i want to get you back out the door in the delaware valley. cold not as cold as the twin cities but action to track. we have very light snow, most notably across ocean monday monmouth county: next one moving in. reports from the weather watchers there has been some light grassy accumulation, but
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the beginning of the next disturbance just starting to move n so the farthest western suburbs. do you have wet roads here and there. i would say nothing more than minor caution light for that morning commute. snow and slick spots though through the afternoon. 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. when the bulk will hit our area, pm drive as a result of snow could be slow certainly but there might even be lingering snow shower. i think when the snow is actually falling it will obviously be the worse time to be traveling. and again that's happening midday. thirty-five the current temperature at the airport we do not budget too far from the values on the thermometer right now. through the rest of the day since you send the kids out to school they need winter coat, it will feel about the same right through the course of the day as early as that right to school, there could be some light snow, butt primarily from lunchtime on, or just shortly before that from that point on that you'll see the bulk of any very modest accumulation common through, guys?
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>> disable right lane there is block let's take a look at the maps two accidents in the same area route 422 eastbound near route 662 in douglas ville, berks county, traffic is squeezing by on the shoulder there. there is no word of injuries. there is flooding in atlantic city on route 40 at the a.c. expressway and route 40 at west end avenue. one lane is blocked in areas. iladelphia eagles are in need of just one more win to bring home thep. >> we are little more than five days away from kick off. plenty of fun for the fans and players. last night was the super birds and patriots as we can see were on center know, eagles appear a lost loser to me than the patriots. and quarterbacks exchanging compliments. >> he's great quarterback he is a great andf confidence in him had great playoff league. he went to michigan state michigan man different for angs from nick.
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and i know he'll do a great bowl, what an exciting time. got to look up to growing compete on the biggest stage there is. so i can't clearly hear minnesota fans booing in the background bowl owning night with our pat gallen coming up in the minnesota with someone very familiar with local scene. >> meisha is live right now to give us a little taste of life in her hometown of minne morning, meisha. >> hi, guys,m g hanging out. carson wentz's lockerroom, that has in his locker today. you can see of course hisin bar head and shoulder's, getting little sneak peak cool for the fans to see come their favorites, what they would put in their locker. todd at the convention center nice and but one of the things minnesotaans do to stay warm i doe you missed, i don't know, hands full every minutes ago when i was saying ways that run to 80, over zero ei a 11 miles long. it is also nice to even in the summerle be on the streets with all of the vehicles and the buses and wait for stop across the entire city, and there is
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also underground tunnels bysota as well. so we've been talking about minnesota. leading to up thinking game here in minneapolis e bit. so i needed a little taste of philly favorite. i found one right minnesota, minneapolis. >> we're min from fill. >> i great >> got to top it off. got to be tops. >> only place in the midwest you can get a real h >> this is from home. this is as close as it get. we're the best. >> even in the bold north philly fans have managed to set up shop here in the heart of the midwest, downtown minneapolis. >> we get the meat from, you know, a distributor we get full rib eye all set up, cut it cut it on our meat slicer. weep got the cheese wiz. we got the great provalone. amorosso rolls. they ship it in from philly. that is what makes it good. >> rib eye from there a.m. ro the viking fans still supporting? >> minnesota nice. i was cents i they're a little salty. i was cents here this weekend dihat happened last week. >> trust me, i've been here twice in the last ws, haven't
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boycotted at all. >> fly fly to see that the minnesota fans are goibecause it is darn good over there. they do a great job. and there is so m hope if you are coming out before sunday's guys over to you you. >> so meisha did you have the cheese steak? good? >> y know, i don't actually eat red meat. so first actually, get this the first week i actu actually say for not being a red meat etherjust not really my thing, but they do awesome food over there. they had all of these awards all over the place, so i know it would make philly peeps very meisha in the news room. she eats celery all day long. >> thanks, meisha. >> we have to get pat or don or jessica to try it out for us. thank you. >> this friday we're celebrating the birds and the fans showing us for a big one more win line up starting at 4:00 with the special edition every "eyewitness news," and " eyewitness news" at 5:00 and 6:00 folds by special one more win fanfest edition every " eyewitness news" at 7:00. >> and before you know it, it will be sunday fun day.
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the second the game ends we're live on the air here at cbs-3 bringing you postgame comments from coach pederson and the flyers and also front row seat as fans react all across the region the eagles and " eyewitness news" sunday night >> turning to breaking news this morning police are searching for a killer after two women are shot and killed inside of their northeast home. >> "eyewitness news" rans is live at the scene. what's the latest now? good morning. >> reporter: good morning jim rahel. we know that there are two women that were found dead inside this home. they were shot in their heads. police say one was found on the second floor, the other was actually in a wheelchair. she was 66 years old. police want to know why. i just before 11:30 p.m., second district police responded to a report of a shooting. >> philadelphia police on scene of a double homicide in the oxford circle section of northeast philly. the 1200
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block of mcgreevey street two wome heads. one of them, a disable and elderly woman the other was in her early four's. police found a gun but it is in the clear if it murder weapon. a man who possibly lived there them inside. he was taken police for questioning as a witness back inside the house police describe what they saw. >> they found a 66 year old female suffering from at least one gunshot to her head she was sitting in a wheelchair on the first floor. she was at on the second floor, laying on the floor in the hallway. least one gunshot wounds to her head. she was pronounced dead 11:33 p.m. >> and detective are knocking on doors to see anything. also san vast g the area for possible surveillance. so far no suspect information, if you have any information, you're asked to that's the very latest live in northeast philadelphia, chantee lans, >> all right chantee clearly sounds like there may be learning this news, chantee thank you.
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following a shooting in chester delaware county. this happened on block of swarth street, just after 10:00 last night. police rushed to the on the ground with a gunshot wound to a head. so far there have been no arrests and no clear motive either. >> and you may want to give ra time this morning, if you are t patco high-speed lrains will be running on moth phitrain hit utility pole near the ferry avenue station in camden knocking out service yesterday. four of the 23 people on board the train suffered minor injuries now coming up at 6:30, trang do, she'll have live report on what when patco expects to have the issue resolved. >> many coming up president trump will give his first state of the union tonight. just as classified document accuses the fbi of wrong-doing about to be made public. >> plus, continue to reek havoc there is caused a road to collapse, but how long these problems could persist? >> and lot of fun moment as super bowl lii's opening night , our pat gallen talk to some of the birds and even asked eagles owner jeffrey lurie about the moves of his. we will be right back.
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>> president trump delivers his first state of the union address here on cbs-3 at 9:00. his speech will cover the economy tax reform, immigration andhe infrastructure, the president also says donors to his re-election campaign will have their names listed on screen during a live stream of the address on his campaign website. >> well, the house inte controversial gop memo public. the four page memo is critical of the fbi and was drafted by
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the republican chairman of the intelligence committee. the memo claims surveillance abuses within the justice department during the investigation of the russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election. >> ice yam collapsed to collapse, take a look at this, this isn't far from scranton, nearby lake flooded causing water and ice to spill out on the street here. the water did recede, but left it could takes weeks maybe weeks to fix all of that. >> mother nature. the after effect. >> time 6:15. katie, we might be seeing little snow around here today? >> we start things off by looking at nice "skycam 3" shot here on the boardwalk all lit up nicely here in ocean city, you can tell this snow has in fact already fallen very modest accumulation here in cape may county. we've had some report, as well ground reports from other folks in the watcher network, for example that have been reporting some grassy non-paved surface accumulation thus far.
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currently, though, coastal flood advisory for the entire jersey shore as well delaware beaches watch for minor tidal flooding in the areas that typically flood out when you have got these advisories going to likely have that happen again today. we do have a couple of systems working through to help that along, so here is one making its exit, here is another starting to work it way in, so we've got this little sliver of dry weather currently most inside southwest new jersey then southeast most >> this patch of snow will produce the best amounts ofd pretty much everywhere else today despite what the first system had aleav behind so far. it is a very generic snowfaller the region. looking at coating to max up the upper end of this range in the city. but some spots cou inchidday. so 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. or so. it means lunch rush to be lilt
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dicey bye tomorrow we clear out, cold thursday night into friday. taking a look outside the schuylkill expressway near girard both directions near pulaski highway more information on thisacnddent on route 422 eastbound, route 662 in county all lanes closed no word on any injuri point. fly ♪ ♪ score down one two low. hit them high ♪ ♪ and watch our eagles ♪ fly eagles fly on the r eagles! >> well we've said it before. the eagles appear little bit loser than the patriots. and brandon graham gives us some proof of that. >> he was also the one wearing that pug mask earlier. >> not j dog but pug mask more on the excitement. >> on the floor of the opening
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night and let us come along. >> media day. media night. no opening night at the xl energy center in st. paul minnesota and pretty much anything goes. can you honest with me on scale of one to ten? how dumb is media dbad. we understanded our responsibility as players in this league. and, you know, we're all professional so glad to be here. you enjoy c live this moment once. >> you told me once that you wanted to be a game show host. >> oh my goodness yes.ind door number one. >> ya that's good. tweou to interview me. >> we always have to interviewn. >> okay. >> what are we talking about here? >> wte those that you have no those looks like they're equip >> they are. >> they look pretty warm. >> gore text, b. very warm. >> only $80. >> only $80. what would it be? >> geez. >> have you ever thought about that question before? >> i don't think i have no.
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>> now is your chance. >> that's one of the hard questions i've ever been asked >> anything but an animal. >> i was -- no babies, no animals, no nothing like, that nothing to kick anything. >> it could be anything. watermellon. but that might really hurt. >> going through the tape how moves after wins? >> i don't know. my onlas to not embarrass myself and it and get think i'm poorly focused and dance moves. >> i think they'll be loose again, they're always loose that's just part of the identi focused during the weeks sunday they place loses. >> as you can see the playeut obviously the ultimate prize and the ult in super bowl minnesota pat gallen,ness news ". >> nice to see again. >> and jeffrey lure haste lot to dance about. >> yes, he does. >> maybe the most rea still ahead this morning, how popularutting >> plus: how would you like to work here? rain forest right in the heart of seattle. we will take you inside
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future hiring events that will be open to all from the front page of the reading eagle teaches ers in the wilsonin a vote of 334 to three the approvals nearly nine months back and forth negotiations narrowly ratify the agreement next week >> from the mercury extreme co pottstown to postpone the rescheduled at riverfront park for saturday, february the 17th at 10:00 some of the newspaper headlines from around the delaware and lehigh well it is big, sparkly and spectacular long amazon sears office building now open in downtown seattle washington. >> the eye catching spears 80 to 95 feet high, five floor floors of office space. said it wanted to create place for employees to work and socialize in non-traditional way. mission accomplish. >> that water feature would have me going to the bathroom all the time. >> tmi. tmi. >> i would be like i have to go to the bathroom. coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news," a preview of the president's
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first state of the union address, and it focus on the economy. >> plus, we are talking about problems again on the patco this morning. trang? >> reporter: right, still dealing with delaysring monday morning's commute. i'm trang do live in are dealing with meisha? here at the minute list convention center and talkingfootball. of course, leading up to the big game, i mean standing real cool area coming up.
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>> good morning i'm jim solomon juste's what you need to know to start your day today is january 30th, 2018. owl week is underway in minneapolis. >> i had to go around downtown minneapolis, and ask them who do you think will walk away with the bistro me? >> true viking fan you have to vote for the vehicle things year. >> definitely the eagles. >> who are you going for >> patriots. >> eagle super nan south jersey gets surprise after lifetime. ticket to the super bowl from the viking fan. >> good luck year. >> a lot of coloring things green. >> green glam is e for some people who are super hyped for the super bowl. >> do the eagles fans really know the quarterback. >> that's carson wentz that's nick foles. >> nice try.
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>> oh,. >> ya. >> carson wen. >> this (laughing). . >> today's morning sponsored by the proton therapy at penn center they do look alike but do you have know the players. >> in a exist big eagles fast from south py. their mom, one of our producers, very cute. katie did you see them? >> yes. so cute. >> so adorable. >> forecast, not looking so a door thanks. >> you hey. okay okay, you saved yourself that will was the right answer. >> what you have some snow working it way through kind of flanked the western and eastern edge of the area here, weaver one system departing, one system moving in, neither of which i much. at the moment what we lock at the tri-state sweep note the bulk of any accumulating snow at the shore is making it exit there is just a very lighthaps starting to fall and new castle county so might begin
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to see some of the flakes there. do have couple of hours left before the bulk any accumulation gets underway. when you look at the three hour loop you can tell why. ch is making its exit and again the next batch on the way. you should get through the morning commute with damp roadways. it is still dry here on the skydeck certainly. chill in the air. temperatures are not going to be buzzing all that much. in the 30's now stay that, through the rest of the day. now, the winds eventually also picks up. eventually the snow does the same. not talking about a lot. general window to fall about 10:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. and that snow will accumulate likely coating to inch or see up to two. that goes for anyone. region wide that's the theme today. it is middle part of the day that looks the worse. whether it comes to your travel. as we look forward we mention that there are multiple opportunities to see some snow in the future here. so while we are still expect to go break with a brief batch of high pressure settling in tomorrow that pattern gets
6:28 am
busy all over again from a front, then another batch of snow that's thursday into the upcoming weekend. more details coming up. >> thank you. looking at traffic right now accident on i59 northbound past cottman. the left l as meisha would say, if you are in that area, watch outg posted speeds. look at the maps now route 422 eastbound closed near now, this is due to two accident in that area. there is cents still no word oncidents you can see route 724 as your alternate. on route 40 at the a.c. expressway and route 40 at west e in both areas. but keep your eyes open there. if you plan on riding the patco high-speed line. >> train hitsterday halting service that's still causing problems this morning. "eyewitness news" reporter trang do live at the ferry avenue station in camden, with more on the situation. trang, good morning. >> good morning things slowly getting back to normal. perfect timing. train coming in right now these trains have been coming in about every ten to 15 minute, so not so bad and a huge improvement over this
6:29 am
time yesterday morning. where there were no trains all. >> patco is still working to resolve major issue that brought monday morning commute to a screaching halt. >> it is kind of unfortunate really. specially with, you know, people who have work schedules that rolf around this sort of transportation. >> officials say conrail train hit an electrical pole which caused attached conduit line to hang over the tracks, just that line. service was suspended in both happened. >> limited service was eventually restored throughout the day surprised. we're very surprised. are providing shuttle so i appreciate it. minute, now after rush hour until 2:00 p.m. runningervice tba at the moment. until they can figure out how muchday. of course follow ride patco on twitter for uthe day but for now live jersey, i'm trang do cbs-3, "eyewitness news," jim, rahel back to you. >> thanks so much, trang. >> and staying in new jersey, and more commuter problems, new jersey transit river line
6:30 am
service is operating with some delays between cinnaminson and route 73 pennsauken there is after light rail vehicle struck car near west broad and race streets in palmyra last night. crews rushed to the scene just before 9:30 p.m. no word if anyone was hurt in the accident. >> tonight president trump will deliver his first state of the union. >> cbs news business analyst jill schlessinger joins us live from new york with a preview. good morning. >> good morning. >> jill over the weekend the president tweeted the economy right now is better than it has been in many decades. so is it? >> well last year the us grew at 2.3% rate up from one and a half percent in 2016. that's pretty much in line withve seen in the past five to eight years when we take it over across that time span. this year we're looking at two and a half to 2.8%. that's due to expected increase in corporate spending and a rise in global activity. you know the ims predict world growth will be 3.9% this year. and that would be the best
6:31 am
case in a decade. so likely the taught not just that but also the republican tax bill, the loosening of regulations and of course the soaring stock market which continues to hit record highs despite yesterday 's one day drop. >> jill any new policies expected to be unveiled tonight? >> this is not new but it will be re-introduced. infrastructure spending said to be next on the trump agenda if he sticks to the script, the president will fall least $200 billion directly in federal money and thenorry billion and half from the private sector total bridges freeways, sewers and airports. democrats want the government n. many incentives will be a gift of corporate america. by the wayngineers has said that it would take $2 trillion in funding by 2025 to upgrade conditions. i bet that would hp on the schuylkill. >> oh, ya, bridges andmakes sense. thank you so much, jill. we'll check back in with you week.
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>> and the coune players will be preparing for this
6:33 am
here all day long, you can up against these guardrails right here and towelly watch how they do. that will then and this is where they start to turn. this is the turning section. look a little bit more like a ball. in fact the stitchbu c first before they actually blow the ball up you have to put the laces. play. this is their sitting here doing the rating. and thentual molding where someone is s molding. you can act have it made you guys want it. it goes into this little machine and voila then we come down to the very end where they do football. so fans are coming hereby the hundreds. you can only we actually have the workers co later. but that i much here at the convention center. there is no way i could in one day. but i'm sure this one watching their football beo make the super bowl football that one by the way also cool experience. >> i wonder if they have a de for other things that caught your eye that like you know, you want to go time? >> r did a little bit for fox sport los angeles long interview some of the guys going in the columbine. what i thought was up scout
6:34 am
willing combine here for the college guys their way have a way with the audition process ofhat it takes for the nfl so this wherever average joe can come in here, put his skills to the of college to be able to get into the i hear one of the most popular spots here, i can see inter-active. >> yes, cool, thanks, meisha. >> up next, super bowl surprise for beloved school >> i -- i -- i've never had anything like this happen t s great story. see the way one south jersey bus driver it will make it even prouder to be an eagles fan. >> plus, alarming new report on those popular fitness trackers and how they're revealing sensitive information about our soldiers we will be right back.
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>> back on "eyewitness news," time lapse showing a volcano spewing in the philippines spewing lava and rocks into the sky for more than two weeks. >> saying at schools and shelter for safety. volcano didn't stop the show for this couple who had explosive start to their marriage. >> volcano caught errupting in the back of their wedding pictures two got married last thursday, for the limb, their wedding venue just outside of the danger zone. >> that is one heck of a pick. >> always makes me want to break out in that. yikes. >> amazing. >> beautiful. looks like active radar hine you. >> very much so. acarate systems even on just the local shot now. little sliver of dry weather currently. we've had one system making it exit another one working it way in. neither of which are
6:38 am
of those bark is worse than the by the by scenarios looks like impressive amounts of snow coming in, so light the eyewitness weather watchers are reporting though, that they're starting to see some with them before we head back to the radar here. at the moment, you've got tent across most of the board, really any left over snow that would be actively very far east a lot of these here, closer to the delaware riverow. but we are beginning tof the first flakes we're nottingham, chester county fran reporting air in place so 31, also the om don who as well is echoing that, very light cars a unpaved but just west his major plow operation for our area, going to just one more,orting and i love the new profile picture little bit for her. so the temperature is just over to some rain. not necessarily g look at the wider zoom on storm scan, gives you better idea what's actually happening >> this little sliver, that break between systems as is one departs the next one moves in. this next disturbance is incredibly weak. it doesn't have a lot of moisture with it, so it is not going to dump very much.
6:39 am
is general gist of what happened today. snow showers mostly through midday about 10:00 a.m. to.m., when the bulk of accumulation will happen. coating to max up to 2 inches is the the worse we deal with out of this. i am already getting the rap. but i want to jump you to the seven day gave you a sense. we cleared out by tonight. thursday knight into friday morning light snow as well with another frontal guys looks as though even super bowl sunday could feature some snow. >> katie thank youment taking a look outside there was accident on i76 westbound before belmont avenue. the accident happened cleared. it looks like there is still some residual backups there. earlier, accident i95 northbound past cottman avenue has been moved to the shoulder route 422 eastbound has route 662 in douglas cents ville, two accident in the area that we've been telling but this morning, but it has cleared. >> philadelphia police are investigating a deadly shooting bctive. it happened just before yesterday morning's rush hour at broad and bigler in south philadelphia. authority say a man honda
6:40 am
hit a pedestrian. then reportedly got out of his car got into a fight with that off duty police detective. that's when officials say the detective pulled out gun and fired several times hitting the suspect died ated forehead injuries. police commissioner richaw many times the detective shot the suspect. >> there are somes because of the way the shots were fired but at this time i'm being very candid about the fact that we do have some concerns about the dis charge. >> authorities have not name. good samaritan used his car to hitting anyone else. >> we told you flu now it has taken the life after seven year old. he school friday, but by saturday he coualk. but he was sent home with medicine. doctors diagnosed him woat. kevin's sister found him unresponsive in his sunday. >> and schools in at least 12 states have closed in an effort t 's unprecedented. one all boys sick with the flu yesterday. be undergoing any additional cleaning but the han of keys at mask placed with
6:41 am
staying health. >> i now the pentagon wore i had that popular fitness apps are tracking sensitive information of troop movement. global heat map company. the social network movement. but also lighting up members more easily track recall >> they're using this in the middle of no where. it can give the it can tell an enemy where you're ope privacy should double check apps privacy guidelines i with a watching a story about this yesterday, they were sayingreas like russia iran, not seeing activity maybe those apps aren'taybe they new that that probably wasn't bit? >> dow. >> i have one as well. on cbs this>> ga morning guys. >> hey, good morning to you rahel, jim. aheati narratives around andrew mccabe suddenect from the president's first state of the union address? we asked five florida the country and get their thoughts on the won the nation's top disease fighting nearly a decade. >> and 13ld a the or marlie diaz will be at the ble today. studio 57. how the youngersn 30 list is working to promote racial
6:42 am
opener. your world in one minute and 302nd. >> we'll see you guys started your super bowl of it, gale. >> yes. >> i'll bet. >> very excited for the game gale. >> we will be watchingstoric fashion at the betsy ross house in old city herself a loyalist to the philadelp>> held up furl an eagles flag and ran it up the flag pole, replacedstar flag poor one day only, while eagles fans wearing their gear will receivesigle gift shot item at the house through quite a thank you present in south jersey school bus driver got neighbors. >> going to the super bowl. you know that little game t sunday? well yes neighbors i am impressed by his than thousand dollarsento the >> yesterday morning than 60 of them surpris tickets, airfares respect personalized eagles special dream come true.s). >> i'm extactic. i'm say. >> he just goes over and above he is so casino. person. he doses so much for the community. >> oh,d he was invited to six
6:43 am
super bowl watch parties certainly pop person is something for which he will be him. >> well the eagles trip to the super bowl is really inspiring fans. >> check out matt from washington township gloss cents at the county showing off his wrapping skills with some help from his little brother james. >> here we come to super bowl 52. we're going to see strikes on the pads super bowl right on our hats. don't stop believing this is a dream. top kids brady goes out on a gown. franchise, throwing for six kids will be there and just for the pick. question your d long, making, belichick talks about picture day, telling you it is not your day. clock hit zero. (rang) fly eagles fly. e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles. >> jay-z might have little competition throughout. >> great job thereby matt and
6:44 am
little brother james he had his wings on there. complete with it all. we watch you see your fan photos and videos use the #cbs3 on facebook, twitter and you may see your fan moment right here on " eyewitness news." we will be right back.
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>> welcome back everyone, before up head out the door th delivers his stirs state of the union at 9:00 tonight you can watch it right here patco warning riders after train hit utility pole schedule today. >> and the eagles hold practicet night taking part opening night at 5:00. >> that's three to go, last check on live neighborhood network where the snow is falling and it is dusting that is falling so far. but you can tell visibility has been falls here in the city during
6:48 am
midday. it began coat wagk you katie. next on cbs this morning preview of president address. >> join us weekday morning here on cbs-3 a.m. we leave you with a live picture from inside the minneapolis convention with which has-beens transformed into the super bowl bowl experience. fans, have a great day. >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ captioning funded by cbs good morning, it's tuesday, january 30th 2018. welcome to "cbs this morning." democrats and republicans face off over a secret gop memo accusing the fbi of improper surveillance of the trump campaign. plus this morning, questions surround the sudden departures of former acting director of the fbi. president trump prepares to sell his accomplishments to the nation in his first state of the union address. the white house promises a
6:49 am
unifying message, but will democrats buy the president's immigration and infrastructure plans? the rising number of flu deaths now includes more than three dozen children. we'll talk with one of the nation's top disease-fighting doctors about staying healthy and why
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